Monday, 24 June 2013

Race for life 2013-Wet-Emotional-Heartwarming

Hello Blogger Friends,

On Sunday the 23rd of June my family and myself ran/walked the Race For Life. If you have never heard of the Race For Life then you can click 'HERE'. Basically it is a race to rise money for a charity called Cancer Research UK. All kinds of people run the race from little kids to the older generation, people dress up in funny costumes, run, jog,walk, hop, dance, you name it someone is doing it. Oh yeah and everyone wears pink!

By far the most difficult part of the day was not the running or standing around in the pouring rain but reading the tributes and celebrations on everyone's back. There was over 2000 people running in the race and every single one of them had been affected by cancer in some way. 

Our team name was '3 generations'. This is a perfect photo of three generations in my family, me, my Mum and my Grandmother. After running this race I feel so grateful that I am able to stand with three generations of my family when so many people at the race were not able to.
My Auntie, two of my cousins and my friend Kayleigh (who I see as part of the family anyway) were all part of our team as well.

Cousin age 8 before the race. 
 Unfortunately the weather was terrible but that did not dampen our spirits! The atmosphere was fantastic! It felt so good to have so many woman coming together to be united for one cause!
Pre-race stretches

Starting off the 5km race.
Mum and cousin age 10 finishing the race in a down pour but still smiling! 
I will summaries with what my Aunt updated after the race as she did a good job at bringing all the collective thoughts together.

"Well it took a while to dry out (longer than it took to get out of the car park anyway) .... but we did it ... 3 generations ... combined age of 211... all in one piece.

Most difficult part by far is reading the tributes and celebrations on people's backs. 

Find myself very reflective ... sad about those that we've lost, thankful for those who have fought and won and standing with those we know who are fighting to be cancer free.

Definitely a disease that affects us all in many ways across all the generations.

Thank you for reading my post! Hope you enjoyed it and a HUGE thank you to anyone that contributed money to the cause. Our family raised over £500! We couldn't have done it without our friends, family, work colleagues and school friends who donated.



  1. So so proud of you for doing Race for Life! I've done it the past few years, but I couldn't this year because of medical reasons. I'm super glad you raised so much ^_^ My Nan currently suffers from Cancer of the oesophagus, and I'm hoping to set up a charity and long-term fundraiser to help the Hospice that supports her. :) Cancer is horrible; and I'm very happy to see you doing your bit to fund the research to find a cure!

    Very very well done. :)

    Lots of love,

    Chlo |


  2. Wow, well done on raising so much money! That's a huge achievement! And well done on doing the race itself, it's a wonderful tribute to those who have lost their lives, and will help to save many in the future. You should be so proud of yourself! =) xx