Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Round-up!

April was a mixed month for me. I got up to some really great stuff but it was mostly let down with the amount of studying I had to do. I am so glad my exams are over but I feel bad as I know that many people are just starting them. I thought I would just go though some of my highlights of this month and will probably make a more detailed about individual events later!

Hanging out with my baby cousin and wondering how she got so big!?

A lot of this. So glad the studying is over for now. Hopefully it paid off!

Went to see a modern adaptation of the Easter Passion in Edinburgh Princess Street Gardens. Which was an interesting experience. The actors where brilliant and the play was very well written. I just found the fact that Jesus died of a lethal injection instead of being crucified a bit weird. Took me a while to get into that idea. However it was a lovely day and lots of people where there which was great and the message was still clear.

Then Easter happened where I of course ate too much chocolate and cakes.

My Granpa turn 70! We had a lovely party and I was nice to see family I don't normally get to see. I think he is doing pretty good for 70!

The highlight of my month by far was seeing MCBUSTED! Writing a post on that so you have something to look forward too!

These next photos where taken on my phone so the quality is not great. But this was the first time this year it was warm enough to sit outside and read a book which is one of my favourite things in the world to do so I though I was take a quick photo to document the occasion.

I got a hair cut which may not really be a big deal but I had not had my hair cut in more than a year so I was pretty scared even though I didn't need to be. IT'S JUST HAIR SILLY!

Lastly the best thing was wired banter with my best friend. I have no idea why she puts up with me.

Lemme know the best thing that happened to you this month!

Looking forward to May!