Monday, 2 September 2013

Blogging Fail!

Hello Blogger friends,

Long time no Blog! (see what I did there? Thank goodness I can still think of terrible puns!)
It has been such a long time since I last posted anything so this is going to take a bit of getting used to!

I have had a crazy summer of doing lots of things. Believe it or not I actually left the internet and went outside and interacted with people that are not internet retailed! Now that summer is coming to an end (sad face) I finally have a chance to tell you about it. However, I had not completely abandoned this blog over the last couple of weeks. My notebook is spilling out with ideas. I like to think of it as a creative retreat.

I have taken thousands of pictures this summer here is one of my favourites as a peek of what is to come!

Now that I will be going back to University soon I decided that I need to come up with some short of plan to stop procrastinating and get my life sorted. If you know me well you will know that my life is just one big procrastination session. I realised that I actually need to start DOING the things am passionate about and stop thinking 'I'll do it tomorrow' or 'I'll do it after one last game of Mario Kart 7'.

I was inspired by Alex Day and Charlie who both use a system called 'Don't break the chain'. I know it sounds ominous but it's actually a really cool idea and if it worked for them then maybe it will help me.

The idea is that you do an activity for a certain amount of time every day to and when you have done it you are able to cross that date off your calender therefore making a chain of crosses. I am going to be doing at LEAST one hour of Uni work a day (obviously will have to do more) and one hour of blogging a day. The idea is to get motivated to stop procrastinating and get those crosses. I am going to try this out for four weeks and let you know how I get on. I will let you know if it is was a terrible idea.

Am sorry this wasn't a very interesting post but I promise they will get better as I tell you about my summer adventurings.

How have all your summer's been? Miss reading your comments, So let me know!

Byee x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Reading List

Hello Blogger friends,

Sorry I've been away for a 70 million years. I have been a busy girl, I have rescued two princesses including Peach and Zelda so as you can imagine it is quite time consuming...

So summer is fast approaching (it may have already started for you)! To me summer can only mean one thing ! READING! I just love lying on a beach or beside the pool, while travelling, or even in the garden. I am usually super busy the rest of the year so summer is the perfect time to unwind and relax with an awesome book. My whole year is pretty much spent looking forward to the moment where I have all the time to relax and read. Today I thought I would share with you my summer reading list. Lets get started as there is a lot to get through!
First up is a re-read of these three Sherlock Holmes book. If anybody knows me they will know that I am obsessed with anything at all to do with Mr Holmes.
 Next is a book called, Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad by Bee Rowlatt and May Witwit. I don't know anything at all about this book and I like to keep it that way. I love reading books where I know nothing about the story and you can just learn about the characters and story by yourself. My mum has told me to read this book about hundred times and I trust her opinion.  
 The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. I love, love, love the film! I am about 10 pages in and I am hooked! I also have a bit of a thing for film covers. Some people really don't like film covers on books but I really do like them.
The things we did for love by Natasha Farrant. This is another book I know nothing about, I just picked it up in a shop one day and thought it looked really interesting so I bought it and now I am going to read it.
 Atonement by Ian McEwan. I very well crafted film. I just love a good tragic love story (that probably makes me sound weird). I have heard that the book is even better than the film so I am very excited.
 The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Another re-read. This wasn't originally on my list but  the lovely 'Squares- bookworm and beauty enthusiast' wrote an amazing blog post on it which you can see 'HERE'. Obviously had to re-read the book after that.
Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I saw the film adaptation of the book at the cinema and really enjoyed it. I must say I didn't know anything about the story when I went to see it but I really enjoyed the pretty cinematic shots of the film but I felt there was not much depth. The whole film was about a boy was got stuck on a boat with a tiger and that was it. I want to read the book because I am told it is better and the themes are much clearer.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. This is one of those all time classic romantic stories that everyone has heard about. I know the story inside out from watching lots of film adaptations, TV series and the famous web series -The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. Considering I am completely in love with Mr. Darcy it is shocking that I have never read the book.
Harry Potter. Obviously a re-read for me. I have re-read at least one of the books every summer for as long as I can remember. This year is the year of the Order of the Phoenix.
I want to get more into graphic novels this year and Scott Pilgrim is a good one to start with. It is completely hilarious and easy to follow which ticks all the boxes for me.
The twilight graphic novel. Though I have seen the Twilight films and read some of the books I have never really been into Twilight but it was the Art work in this book that made me want to pick it up. The art work is simply gorgeous and there is only about two words on each page. I wouldn't be surprised if I finished it in less than an hour.
Last but not least in Insurgent by Veronica Roth. An other re- read for me. I think I have actually re-read it about three times in the last three months. I just can't get enough! I am so unbelievably excited for the next book to come out this year and the film! Am just going to put this out there, in my opinion it is better an Hunger Games! Please don't kill me! I do love Hunger Games but this is just more than love, It's an obsession.

Thank you for managing to get through all that! Let me know if you have read any of these books and we can have a good chat about them. Also let me know if you have any recommendations! I love discovering new things from my lovely fellow bloggers!


Friday, 28 June 2013

Favourite Summer Lips

Hello Blogger friends,

Today I am going to talk about my four favourite summer lip products! I feel really nervous about doing this post as I haven't really done it before so just bare with me if it is a bit rubbish. Over the last few months I seem to have accumulated a lot of different lip products, some have been disappointing and some I have been obsessed with and wear almost everyday this summer. 

First off is the new Revlon lip gloss in shade 'Kiss me coral' Which I think is a super cute name.
 First of all it smells really nice. It smells a bit like penny sweets. I feel that it stays on for a lot longer than a normal lip gloss. It feels nourishing on the lips and is not too sticky. I am in love with the light corally shade. When you look at the actual lip gloss it's self it had lots of sparkly, shimmery flecks of gold in it which excites me a lot. I really would like to try some other shades but unfortunately I don't have an endless supply of money to spend.

 My next favourite is from Rimmel London and is part of the Kate Moss Lasting Finish collection in shade 5.
I have never been disappointed by a Rimmel lipstick. Where other lipsticks tend to dry out my lips I find that this lipstick goes on smooth and creamy. I also really like the smell of this one too but maybe it's my weird thing that I like the smell of make-up products. I like this shade as it is more of a natural picky tone, perfect for summer! 

Now another product from Rimmel. Apocalips lip Lacquer in colour Steller. 

I don't even now where to begin! The colour comes out pretty much neon pink, I don't think the camera and the lighting is showing it that well but trust me, NEON! Even though it comes in a liquid form I  would still say it feels more like a lipstick than a lipgloss. Initially when you apply it it looks and feels great but after a while it does go a bit gross and makes my lips crack a little but I would still say it lasts longer than other lipsticks. It is such a summery look that I go for on the days when I am feeling a lot more daring. 

Lastly is L'oreal Glam Shine Stain Spash (really? I don't think that name could be any longer) in colour 300 Juliet.
The colour is a lot brighter in real life, I don't think the lighting is doing it much justest. This colour is so bright and vibrant and lasts forever! Seriously, I hardly ever have to touch it up. Out of all the lip products I have talked about so far this one feels the nicest on your lips. Sometimes I forget that it is even there but it doesn't matter because it still looks great after several hours. I rarely wear this during the day, I only wear it for going out in the evening. I have worn it in a few blog posts lately HERE and HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have tried any of these? Which one is your favourite? Do you have any that you would recommend to me? 


Thursday, 27 June 2013

iPhone Photos #1

Hello Blogger Friends,

I have decided to start a little mini series where I go back and show you some old photos from my phone. I enjoy looking back at the memories I've forgotten about. Some of these photos where taken more than a year ago so they are pretty old. All of these photos were taken with my iPhone 3.

This was one of the first photos I had taken with my phone. I also edited it on my phone as well which I was pretty proud of because it was the first thing I had ever edited. I saw this little guy on the way home from University. I remember I was feeling really sad and crappy that day and when I saw this little guy it cheered me up considerably. I took a photo of him so I could remember how much he cheered me up. It's the little things that excite me the most.
Believe it or not this photo is completely unedited, no filter or anything. This photo was taken on York Place in Edinburgh which is an extremely busy street. Most people where so busy busseling around to even notice what was going on above them. An ORANGE RAINBOW! Now that is cool. I remember that I didn't even take this photo, my friend did. I was holding the umbrella in this photo. This photo also makes me want to say 'STUPID TRAMS', if you live in Edinburgh you will understand.
This is the last photo for today. I just realised that these are all the 'arty' photos. The next one I will show the 'funny' photos.
This photo is also completely unedited. I walk over this bridge that goes over the railway tracks pretty much everyday. Sometimes when you walk over it at a the right time it looks like this. I love how the tracks glow and reflect the sunlight. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos. Do you like to take a lot of photos on your phone? How often do you look back on the memories?


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

1st of June-BBQ-Family-Friends-Celebrations

Hello Blogger Friends,

Quite a few weeks ago I went to my Uncles 40th Birthday BBQ celebration. I took squilions of photos and also made a short video of the day. I am really enjoying documenting my life on this blog. I have ended up treating it like a bit of a scrap book of my life that I can look back on when am old and wrinkly. I hope you are enjoying me sharing my experiences with you. I know I enjoy sharing them.

Here is the video I made. I hope to get better at editing the more I practice. 

 Defiantly not helping with my cupcake addiction!

 Please look away if you are vegetarian! 

 My 8 year old cousin who was feeling very camera shy on this day. I still managed to get a photo when she wasn't looking! Aww sweet freckly nose and long eyelashes <3
 Millions of calories! I can feel my arteries clogging up just looking at it! Still deeeelioosssuss though!

 Aww.. My mum and Dad. 
Also in true British fashion it had to rain at some point.
 Still find this hilarious! Let me know if you understand why this is funny.
This is what I looked like on the day.

David Bowie Tee-shirt - Primark
Pink giraffe print jeans -H&M
Shoes- River island
Camera- Canon EOS 1100D

Thanks for reading my post! What was your favourite photo? What is your favourite thing about summer?


Monday, 24 June 2013

Race for life 2013-Wet-Emotional-Heartwarming

Hello Blogger Friends,

On Sunday the 23rd of June my family and myself ran/walked the Race For Life. If you have never heard of the Race For Life then you can click 'HERE'. Basically it is a race to rise money for a charity called Cancer Research UK. All kinds of people run the race from little kids to the older generation, people dress up in funny costumes, run, jog,walk, hop, dance, you name it someone is doing it. Oh yeah and everyone wears pink!

By far the most difficult part of the day was not the running or standing around in the pouring rain but reading the tributes and celebrations on everyone's back. There was over 2000 people running in the race and every single one of them had been affected by cancer in some way. 

Our team name was '3 generations'. This is a perfect photo of three generations in my family, me, my Mum and my Grandmother. After running this race I feel so grateful that I am able to stand with three generations of my family when so many people at the race were not able to.
My Auntie, two of my cousins and my friend Kayleigh (who I see as part of the family anyway) were all part of our team as well.

Cousin age 8 before the race. 
 Unfortunately the weather was terrible but that did not dampen our spirits! The atmosphere was fantastic! It felt so good to have so many woman coming together to be united for one cause!
Pre-race stretches

Starting off the 5km race.
Mum and cousin age 10 finishing the race in a down pour but still smiling! 
I will summaries with what my Aunt updated after the race as she did a good job at bringing all the collective thoughts together.

"Well it took a while to dry out (longer than it took to get out of the car park anyway) .... but we did it ... 3 generations ... combined age of 211... all in one piece.

Most difficult part by far is reading the tributes and celebrations on people's backs. 

Find myself very reflective ... sad about those that we've lost, thankful for those who have fought and won and standing with those we know who are fighting to be cancer free.

Definitely a disease that affects us all in many ways across all the generations.

Thank you for reading my post! Hope you enjoyed it and a HUGE thank you to anyone that contributed money to the cause. Our family raised over £500! We couldn't have done it without our friends, family, work colleagues and school friends who donated.


Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hello Blogger Friends,

Sooooorrrrrrreeeeeee that I have been away from blogging for a super long time (five days to be exact but that is still a long time in internet land). Anyways, I have been really busy and stressed out with work stuff but I don't have that job any more which is a story for another day. At least it gives me more time to do what I actually love doing which is talking to you lovely people! 

Side note- I don't think I can do the 30 Day Snap any more because I am so far behind. I am hoping to post everyday though which is exciting and scary for me.

Now that's out of the way onto the actual post. Even though I have been so busy I still had time to go to my friends birthday party. I have mentioned my friend Lydia in my previous post and now she has her own blog! You can have a look at it 'HERE'. It was a Murder Misery theme which if you know how much I am in love with Sherlock then you will understand how much this excited me. Basically what happened was we were having a yummy meal when we were been informed of the 'Murder'. We had to guess which one of us at the table had done it. It was good fun giggling at our stupid names and most of our pathetic attempts at acting. After all the fun we had a little party and got up to our usual mischief and obviously I took squilions of photographs!

I have become a little bit obsessed with cupcake and these were deeelissssioous! Made by Lydia and her family.

My character was supposed to be a 1950's movie star. Still not sure if I pulled off that look? What do you think?

Obviously it wouldn't be a Birthday Party without awkwardly opening your presents in front of everyone!

Get it!? It took me a while to decipher these puns...

Why do I have such weird friends? Only joking! Never a dull moment with this lot!

This the present the group gave Lydia. It reminds me of a fairy tale necklace.

The crew! Still not quite all of us are in this.

Please don't look at my neck for too long! It gets disturbing...


Thanks for reading this super long post! I actually think it is the longest post I have ever done. 
What have you beautiful people been doing since I've been away from the internet? Miss all you lovely people in the comments!

Rach xx