Thursday, 6 June 2013

30 Day Snap #3 | Procrastination in the Mushroom Kingdom

Hey there,
Sorry I haven't posted anything since Monday. I have been super busy at work these last few days but it is approaching the weekend so I have more time on my hands. I am going to post a bog I was writing in my spare time as a summery of these last few days I've missed. I re-read what I had been writing and was extremely confused about what I was trying to get at.

So here is what I wrote on my lunch brakes during my 12 hour sifts. I think you can tell I was in my own world of questionable sanity.

It's day three and I feel as if am already running out of ideas. This is going to be harder than I thought. Therefore I have decided to tell you about my extremely special talent. Now I don't mean to brag but my talent in this particular subject is exquisite. I mean in both practice and knowledge of the subject. I am seriously thinking about going professional. Of cause my extremely well deserved talent is procrastination! But not just any kind of procrastination but the kind where you sit down with your Nintendo wii or Nintendo 3Ds for what seems like half and hour but in reality it's the whole day gone. From the first second I hear 'its a me mario' I have left reality behind and become fully immersed in the game. Don't get me wrong I am terrible at video games! In fact am the worse! Playing Mario bros consists meanly of death after death, goomba after goomba, endless pit after endless pit. I swear iv had more game overs than I can even count. Most people would just give up if they were as bad as me. But am not playing to get 100% am playing for the adventure. Am playing to forget my problems and take on the problems of Mario which seem to be more simple than mine but more trialling. The fact that Mario never gives up trying to reach his goal of saving the princess even if the person controlling him is as bad as me. Game after game, level after level, world after world he is still fighting for peach. I think a few boys could take hints from him in the real world. I think I've wasted enough time going on about Super Mario, it's time to think of some proper ideas and stop procrastinating.

That is it. Promise to never write while extremely tired and bored on a lunch brake again. Then again it could be quite entertaining.

Here is a link to the original challenge by sprinkleofglittler 30 Day Snap.



  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog post for the details -

    Sinead xxx

  2. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time! Looks to me like you had a good day in the short-lived British summer sun :)

    I"m running out of ideas... and I'm a bit lazy. But I'm determined to keep up with my challenge. I feel your pain, gurrrrrl! ;)

    Chlo |


    1. Yes it was extremely sort lived :( today is horrible.
      Good luck with the rest of your challenge!