Saturday, 8 June 2013

30 Day Snap #5 | A Good Deed

Hello Blogger Friends,

A few days ago (I know it's probably cheating) I went food shopping with my wonderful Granny. However, not any ordinary food shopping as we were not buying food for ourselves. My Granny and  her friends got together and put some money together to buy some food for people and families in need. My Granny and I had loads of fun going round the supermarket trying to buy as much food as possible with £30. As you can see from the photograph pretty much everything we bought was 'everyday value'. Safe to say we got some funny looks at the checkout buying hundreds of tin cans at about 40p each but it was all part of the fun. The charity my Granny is donating the food to is the Dundee Foodbank. They  are just great as they help support hundreds of people in crisis. 

Again, sorry for the terrible quality of these photos. The camera on my phone is not that great.

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Here is a link to the original challenge by sprinkleofglittler 30 Day Snap.

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  1. Thanks for your comment! What a lovely thing for you, your Granny and her friends to do - and for such a good cause! I think charities that involve food-banks and supplying for those in need go quite unnoticed, but it's remarkable how many people actually live without food and are in such a crisis. So sad :( It shouldn't be happening!

    Great post - and wowzer, that much for £23?! I think I need some shopping tips for when I'm at Uni, haha!

    Chlo |


  2. Awh your granny is so kind hearted, that is so lovely! and you got so much stuff 23 pound!