Thursday, 27 June 2013

iPhone Photos #1

Hello Blogger Friends,

I have decided to start a little mini series where I go back and show you some old photos from my phone. I enjoy looking back at the memories I've forgotten about. Some of these photos where taken more than a year ago so they are pretty old. All of these photos were taken with my iPhone 3.

This was one of the first photos I had taken with my phone. I also edited it on my phone as well which I was pretty proud of because it was the first thing I had ever edited. I saw this little guy on the way home from University. I remember I was feeling really sad and crappy that day and when I saw this little guy it cheered me up considerably. I took a photo of him so I could remember how much he cheered me up. It's the little things that excite me the most.
Believe it or not this photo is completely unedited, no filter or anything. This photo was taken on York Place in Edinburgh which is an extremely busy street. Most people where so busy busseling around to even notice what was going on above them. An ORANGE RAINBOW! Now that is cool. I remember that I didn't even take this photo, my friend did. I was holding the umbrella in this photo. This photo also makes me want to say 'STUPID TRAMS', if you live in Edinburgh you will understand.
This is the last photo for today. I just realised that these are all the 'arty' photos. The next one I will show the 'funny' photos.
This photo is also completely unedited. I walk over this bridge that goes over the railway tracks pretty much everyday. Sometimes when you walk over it at a the right time it looks like this. I love how the tracks glow and reflect the sunlight. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at these photos. Do you like to take a lot of photos on your phone? How often do you look back on the memories?



  1. What the... those were taken with an iPhone 3?? Okay, I'm SERIOUSLY untalented, I could't do a decent picture with that phone for my life...
    Since I got the iPhone5 I do take a lot of pictures but mostly for instagram or the blog because I don't have any other camera (as yet).


  2. These are some really pretty pictures! especially the sunset, like, wow :O
    Btw I LOVE your new blog header, it looks really cute and professional :) x

    Sinead |