Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve OOTD and Other Antics

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!

Thought I would do a quick Christmas Eve OOTD (outfit of the day).

Red Shirt from Primark - £13
Black jeans from H&M - £20

The weather today was horrid! The only positive thing about it was there was a beautiful Rainbow!

Me being weird with my friend Helen.

I love spending time with my friends doing this fun activity on Christmas eve! We might make it into a tradition as I don't really have many traditions with my friends, I think this might be a fun one.

My Grandparents are staying with us for Christmas which is loads of fun too. Me, my brother and my Grandpa all had our Christmas jumpers on all cosy watching Christmas films. 

I will leave you with this sort video of me and Helen running like mad through the rain to get to the ice skating, wasn't really what we had planned but it was an experience. When we arrived my friend Emma asked if I had just got out the shower!
Hope you are all having a great Christmas Eve! Let me know what you are up to.
Rachel xxx

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