Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter Snaps

This winter I have taken a few random pictures on my phone. There is not really any rhyme or reason to them is just for the memories

Sorry that the quality is not that great as these where taken from my phone.

This tree is just outside the St James' Shopping centre in Edinburgh. I decided to embarrass my friend I was with by stopping to take a photo in the middle of a busy street when people where trying to get past.

I took this one in a coffee shop waiting for my friend. I think this was taken on one of the coldest days in December so far. It was such a relief to be warm and cosy in stead of out in the bitter cold.

This is not really a Christmassy or winter related one but I  just thought it was funny that me and my friend Emily had matching space themed shoes. We are definitely not afraid to show our inner nerd! I love these shoes and wear them everyday apart from work, even though they have holes in them I am not ready to say goodbye!

I love a good Hot Chocolate I truly believe it warms your body, heart and soul. This is also my favourite mug. It is kind of ironic as I do not actually own a cat. ONE DAY MUM!

The beginning of my epic wrapping adventure. I had to colour in the bag as I don't want anyone to see their present that shouldn't!

This is our sweet little nativity scene in church. The minister told the children that he was not allowed to play with it so that meant they certainly weren't.

This are some of the bags that where made at our church craft evening. I can assure you that mine did not turn out half as good.

This shop on George street I discovered was wrapped up like a Christmas present. I know I would not enjoy that job as I am totally terrified of heights.

Winters are cold in Scotland. Even under several blankets and duvets I still had to wear gloves when reading my book.

That but not least a little bit of snow. I think it managed to last for about two hours. I am still holding out hope for sledging!

I hope you enjoyed these wee photies (imagine a Scottish accent). They are a bit random and not very exciting but I said it's for the memories
Rachel xxx

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