Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Goodbye London!

I'm on my way back home to Scotland and for the first time I am kind of sad about it because it means this amazing trip is over. Don't get me wrong I'm always excited to go back home!  I love being around my family and the people I love and having my general homely comforts around me and not to mention people can actually understand what I'm saying!  But going home means that this trip is over and I wasn't really ready for that. Usually when I go away anyway I am ready to go home after a few days, not that it stops me enjoying the place that I'm in, I like to make the most of these things. But I have had so many brilliant moments on this trip that I wanted it to keep going.

A quick story for context. 

About 2 years ago I started talking to my friend Jenna who lives in Finland. I started following her tumblr blog and realised that we were very similar, we had the same interests and opinions, it was great!  I sent her a message on new years Eve (' Hogmanay ' if you know how to speak properly) saying 'Happy New year!  I really like your blog ' and the rest is history. One of the things we had in common was our quite frankly creepy obsession with Dan and Phil, two British YouTubers that captured the hearts of many teenage (and not so much teenage) girls with their swoopy hair, English accents and bizarre sense of humour.  We would chat for hours about their latest endeavours and what we were up to in our own lives. We became genuine friends. When Dan and Phil announced that they were going on tour it wasn't even a question weather we should go it was a question of how? We got the tickets and have been planning the trip since March. I will admit that the trip didn't really feel real to me until the day before I was going as I have had a lot to deal with with university, placements in A+E and other responsibilities that I deal with a day at a time. So forward planning isn't really my thing.  

Before I knew it I was on the train to London about to spend three days with someone I had ever met in a city I vaguely knew and about to see a show that was the pinnacle of the Dan and Phil community aka 'phandom'. Needless to say it went all went very well and exceeded expectations. I felt a huge amount of pressure to make the trip 'good' I thought it was all on me to be an excellent tour guide and impress with my witty entertainment (not really). The trip was good on its own, I didn't need to make all the effort that I was worried about. The conversation flowed between us, there was no awkward moments. We embraced the obnoxious ' touristness' and had a great time, some of the time when I had nothing planned we just wondered around taking in all the Londonness and appreciating each others company.

Over the weekend we went to The Sherlock Holmes museum, Madame Tussauds, the London Eye, Harrods, a tour bus of London, M&M world, China town and not forgetting the Moomin shop in Covent Garden. We also walked around and ate delicious meals which made me very happy. We also just wondered round and took in the goings on around us. This is more for myself as I don't want to forget anything. Between the both of us I think we took around thousands photograph's.

Then Sunday night came. Time for the Dan and Phil show. We met my cousin and her friend before the show as they were going too. It was really great to enjoy the experience with my wee cousin. It made my day seeing her wee smile after the show. Made my day even more that is as I have to say the show was pretty spectacular.  As horrendously cheesy as it sounds words can not even describe how happy I was from the moment we walked into that theatre (the London palladium no less).  It was truly heart warming to be surrounded by such happy people, everyone was just beside themselves with excitement.  Neither Jenna or I could wipe the smile off our face from the moment everyone was singing along to the songs associated with Dan and Phil at the beginning to when we finally got back to our hotel!  The show was more than we could ever have imagined, pure Dan and Philness for an hour and a half, which really only felt like ten minutes.  It was Dan and Philness times a hundred!  There relentless energy through out was unbelievable!  What made it for me was looking round at everyone else that were as exciting as I was. It was reminded me that Yeah I'm weird but it's very okay to be weird as long as your happy, which is the most important thing. Also we can't be that weird if we are the same as thousands of other people up and down the country now really?

I may upload my photos at a later date but this is more of just a word dump on the train home after the trip than a proper blog post. I just want to remember all the thoughts from after this trip as I don't really remember the last time I was as happy as this. And as the thought of reality and a week of night shift is looming ahead across the border, I want this feeling to last for as long as possible. I'm sure Jenna got bored of be saying 'am so happy right now ' or 'am so chill right now' but I could help it. I just felt like it needed to be said. After a yummy meal, 'that dinner made me happy' sitting on the tour bus 'am really enjoying this', snuggled in bed with a cup to tea and youtube 'am so chill right now', during the show 'am so excited, I can't even explain'

Needless to say...

I am very happy right now. 

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